Court with April

I think it's going to be a fabulous mothers day for April because this morning the court issued her back full custody of her baby. Her son is getting so big and doing amazing!! I'm really hoping to be able to spend some time with her it's just that weekends now are getting so busy with wedding season upon us and that's the only time she can have visitors. But I know God will work it out. She's still staying where she has been for a while longer which is really good. So keep praying for her. She wants to come back and resettle in downtown Raleigh but I wish she wouldn't just because so many temptations are down here and so much of her past. But you can lead a horse to water….. I'm also praying that God opens her eyes to want Him. She's going to be a great mom no doubt and I think Altashkith will give her lots of love. But I want her to know the ultimate love she was created for and the healing that her Creator can provide for all the sin and harm from the past 10-20 years of her life.  Pray my friends! 

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