Almost Paid!!!

Well Friends and Family…. 

We have been so blessed by your giving and support in helping us pay for Zoe's adoption costs. God has really come through by letting the courts make decisions that lowered some expected costs by as much as $6,000 (that we didn't even know were going to be that much to begin with! God spared us that phone call) 
We had a grant come through for $2,000 and a final payment grant for $3,500 (which means they will pay the last $3,500 of the adoption agency cost after the rest is paid)  And after your generous giving we now only lack a little under $2,000. Now, yes that's still a lot for us and we know God will provide that. But People, The total costs for this adoption will be $17,000. So, to only lack $2,000 of that is a MIRACLE!!! Seriously, I can't thank you and God enough. And it's been such a faith builder in both of our lives. 

We love you and I just want you to know that I hope Zoe knows how loved she is and I can't wait to tell her her life story and how God took care of her even when she was a tiny baby. (of course when she's hatin us as parents I'll have to remind her to take it up with God since He made sure she was a part of our family!!) :o) 

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