Zoe girl

Oh my, this child has captured us and has become such a part of our life and we couldn't imagine life without her.  She is growing expediencially and seems to learn new things each day. She's visually discovered the world around her. She looks at everything and everyone. Of course, her favorite perch on which to view the surrounding area is in my arms. Thankfully she's still light these days.  

We found out on the long trip to Michigan that her belly gets upset when traveling that long, so we had to give her pedilyte the whole trip up and back. She was not happy with that until the very end and then she didn't care what was in her bottle, she sucked it down.  
She loves books and occasionally a baby cartoon show. But all day she loves to talk…. she's become very verbal and loves to squeal and babble and coo. I love it. Recently though she has started this almost constant verbal whine thing as well when she's not perfectly getting what she wants which I don't love. I guess she's just starting early at battling the complaining struggle that we as women can struggle with if we're not careful. Hopefully we as parents can help her in that as she gets a little older. Any advice from you parents?? 

Anyway, but needless to say she's the apple of our eye! And her smile can make my heart jump and pretty much does every morning when she wakes up! 

Here are some photos of her lately. 


This is her new position of sleeping… I guess it's her trying to roll over. 
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