Our Family in Kalamazoo

When I first found out Dan had family in Kalamazoo MI. I was like, that's really a place? It is. (It's been recently made popular by Matt G. on American Idol this Season…who I hope people vote for this week! He's so good!) And it's beautiful up there. We've been several times both for weddings, my cousin Kristin and Dan's grandfather. Zoe got to meet her other great grandfather this past week. He lost his wife in 2002 and a few years later married a widow who had lost her husband 40 years earlier and had raised 7 (correct me if I'm wrong trudy, kathy,…) children on her own. Her children have come to mean a lot to us and have been wonderful sources of encouragement during times of trial and joy. So at 80 and 83 they tied the knot and are very happy growing old together. (he asked her to sit on his lap for a photo while I was taking their picture and they laughed like school kids!) Very sweet. Like my grandfather, Grandpa French is leaving a legacy as well. Dan's mom and her sister are such servants and loved us all well as we were up there. Thanks Judy and Aunt Sue for so many awesome meals and for taking care of the kiddos !! 

Here are some images from last week… 
Judy and her longtime friend Mary Sue
Four Generations 
Eileen sitting on Grandpa French's lap! 
All the great grandkids!!
Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike (dan's mom's sister) Thanks guys for letting us join your lives for a week. What a great time it was. I loved personally getting to be a part of the continuing legacy of our family. And also hearing story after story of life and people from ya'll's life growing up. 
The twins, Kristen and Michelle. (Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike's girls)  We loved seeing you two! I've always had a total blast around you both. Tag your it… now it's your turn to bring those kiddos down here!
Kristen and Cora
John and Cora
Cora Isabella – We stayed with them while we were there and Cora shared so much of her stuff and home with Zoe. Cora is totally a shoe girl and I think she gave Zoe the bug when she got to wear her cute shoes. She keeps whining and I think it's because we haven't gone shoe shopping for her since we got home. 
Michelle and her John, with their son Brayden
Their daughter Amber and their youngest Carson
Their whole crew! what a great family. They were ALWAYS loving on each other, picking up babies, getting babies out of stuff, hugs for everyone, it was lots of fun!! 
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