E. Frank Keathley

While I was in Michigan my mom called and gave me the news that my granddaddy, her father had passed away that morning in his sleep. He was 95 years old and his health had been leaving him slowly the past few months. He is a Believer and I had just asked him a few months ago if his walk with the Lord just got sweeter over time and he said definitely yes! He died in his sleep in his home and sleeping near his wife of 71 years. God gave him so many graces as he passed from this life into the next. I can't help but to wonder if he has met my son, his great grandson yet.  We will miss him and Granddaddy left us a legacy we can be so proud of. I will definitely have lots to tell me children of their great grandfather. Some of my most fond memories of him include * He was the master coupon saver, seriously he saved thousands of dollars every year. Something I hope to embark upon starting this summer. * He was a math genius. I always knew we were going to visit the grandparents when our math homework started piling up, cause granddad would be quizzing us for sure! :o) * He played piano in this old fashioned way that really just made the old hymns  come alive and stick with me.  * He was all about electrolux vacuum cleaners! 

Please continue to pray for my grandmother who I know is missing him greatly right now. She is 90 years old and probably doesn't even remember life without him. 

The whole Keathley Clan in Austin TX. at Thanksgiving 2008

Zoe (2 months old) and her Great Grandfather (95) in Feb 2009. 
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