60 days of sobriety

That's what today was for April. I went and saw her on sunday at the rehab home she is in with her baby. "Tash" only spent three weeks in foster care and April is able to be at a place where she can have him and learn to take care of him and also get her highschool degree. She's learning to cook and interact with the other mommies and mommies to be there. 

I am so proud of her and really have been praying more that her heart would become soften to God and His love for her and His purposes for her life. 








Now, I have to just say that so many of you prayed for this little one and his mother. Tash is a miracle baby for sure. Thank you and I hope you feel the joy of answered prayers. And also that you would be motivated to pray further for her heart transformation. What a difference Christ makes. I long for her to taste His love for her.  

I"m working on getting ahold of some churches in or near this area to reach out and visit her more regularly than I can. If you know of any near Pembroke NC please let me know.  

But I was hoping I could ask those of you who have been burdened for her this journey or just have felt impressed to pray for her even recently, if you could write her and just encourage her and tell her you've been praying for her and maybe share some new parenting wisdom or maybe even how you found God to be the thing you really needed while becoming a mother.  You can tell her you know her through me, but if you don't mind please don't mention the blog to her. I just want her to have a more personal encounter with those who prayed for her.  If you want to send her anything, things like walmart gift cards are very needed and phone minute cards to use with the home phone. OF course parenting books (that are highschool readability) or christian novels I know she would enjoy as well. 

Here is her address:  

April H. 

P.O. Box 2883

Pembroke, NC 28372 

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