tash’s first photos



He's here and seemingly healthy! I got to spend the morning with April and Tash and they seemed to be doing well. April is plum worn out after laboring all night with him. And of course she is pretty sore. 
She has a really bad cough that I"m afraid is pneumonia so hopefully the hospital can give her some meds for that. 
Altashkith is doing great. He weighed in at 5lb 11 oz. but looks like a big boy and will probably grow fast.  April has held him and we had a moment of tears together over him. I rejoiced openly that God gave him life and let him live and thrive so far. 
I don't know what comes next and so far I've done all I can do to protect Tash and care for April. I've found it's not always easy to be involved in situations like this. People look at you strangely, people don't understand why you're there, It's hard on the emotions and You want change for your friend that may not happen. But again, there is HOPE! I love that word. It will forever be connected to pregnancy and babies for me. And once again, it applies greatly in this situation. I will Hope… in God. He knows best and cares more than I do for this child.  
So, if I can ask again for you to pray that God would be evident in this situation and that the dispair of drugs or street life wouldn't take center stage but that the redeeming elements of life and healing and love would shine and so forth His All Mighty hand and not mere human social acts of kindness but God's Amazing Grace! 
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