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Saturday was the second time I went to visit April and both times I sat through a "friends and family" training session of sorts. Just explaining what their goals are and answering questions about addiction and what our roles should and shouldn't be in the person's life. I learned a lot about various aspects of these types of addictions. But I couldn't help but to be sad as I watched families, mothers, wives, boyfriends sit there and cry and blame themselves and just want to know how their loved one could get fixed. But at the same time I was so glad they were there loving and supporting their loved one. 

April was doing well. She is charming everyone there in her own way of befriending people. She was so glad I came. She's called almost every evening to talk to me. I would even say we are getting to be actual friends. I wish she was getting a bit of a different approach of counseling there but I know that just is what it is.  We hopefully will know in the weeks to come what direction her life might take as a new mother. And I really want to keep loving her even as time becomes harder to find and expenses become harder to meet. I'm so glad she won't be in my neighborhood but it's a lot more effort to spend time with her. Pray for me in that. Also, Pray that another "april" will come into my life here on Seawell Ave. I want my home to be used and a place where hope is taught and talked about freely.

This video helps to portray a challenge to reach out and truly help the poor. It's a lot of what our mentality has grown to be while living downtown Raleigh. Now, you may say, Don't you think it's slamming the government a little hard or if you think the gov. is harming the poor, then why are you involved with things such as Foster Care or Addiction Rehab? Well, because I believe that Government isn't the answer but they are the ones offering help… maybe not the type of hope I think is needed, but they are at least trying to be part of the the answer to the problems facing our cities. 

And I think Christians need to be the ones in the roles that the government has open to serve and get messy and risk opening up our lives to others who need a safe place to stay before they can hear the hope and security Christ can bring to their heart,  who need a clean shirt before hearing that Christ's righteousness can clothe them in a right standing before God,  who need a parent who will forgive and love them when they do and say hateful things to you before they can understand God's grace and mercy can empower them to forgive those who abandoned, abused, hurt,neglected them.

I think the Church should be the ones to step up and help and offer hope to the poor and hurting… and some of you may say, we are. That's great and keep it up but also listen to this and be challenged that it goes beyond the "drive-by" charity and it gets messy. You truly have to be willing to get hurt emotionally or bodily.

 I was thinking about that the other day, if someone I buy Bojangles for goes and swindles the next guy for more or uses money from begging in that drive through line to buy drugs then I'm out what, a few bucks. But what if I invest in another "april" and they leave and I never see them again. That will hurt because a lot more. Because my time and money and affections were spent on her over weeks maybe months. But what if they don't. Then maybe,  just maybe I've played a role of changing society for generations to come and more important a part of the impact and change my Redeemer wants to have on the world I live in.

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