Well, I slept probably the best sleep I've slept in a LONG time last night. And I think it was somewhat because I was exhausted after going to a meeting that April didn't show up at and thus had no rights or say so, finding April on a street corner on the way home, taking her back to Social Services, meeting with them, taking her back to the "hood" to go to 3 different places to round up all her things, having her walk away and to have a nice life because I was being too hard on her about the need to get her away from here today, her come back with her things and I said I was sorry (I'm so thankful for a husband that will tell me kindly that I"m putting the full court press on her and taking my frustration about the area out on her) She forgave me and we went to a rehab center where we sat… and sat… and sat for about 8 hours. Until finally she was admitted. Which was a miracle because she got the last bed and they had to really ask several times to get her in. They turned a lot of people down that day. 

April's baby is in a safe place and taken care of right now. which we were very glad of. We were willing to take him into our home if he needed a home. But I know, due to details that I don't have the freedom to write about, he is in a home that is loving and caring for him right now.  

April really showed maturity yesterday and put in a hard day of hard choices and frustrating people and long waits. She removed all her things from this neighborhood and said her goodbyes. And she was really honest with the counselor. She kept me laughing actually most of the day because she is so interesting in her perception of people and how bossy she can be. In sitting with the counselor, I learned that secular help really doesn't offer true hope long term. Talk about frustrating to sit through. (I did offer my opinion a time or two) Having gone through what I did with Asher really helped give me some say so in how God really sustains through some of the most difficult situations. Though I can see how facilities and some basic practical physical and mental help is definitely needed in a drug addiction situation like this. I just want to help her find the One who will heal her soul as well as her body. 
And if April is telling the truth about all she's been through then I can totally understand why she is the way she is. I think I would be too apart from Christ. That girl has gone through a living hell. 

So many hopeless but hopeful people sat in the waiting room with us, which had nothing to do but read old magazines. I thought that even a tv would help pass the time of these people who probably only can think about the fact that they want some drugs or a drink and they are about to cut that possibility out from their lives. I told Dan it would be similar to starting a diet on monday and it's sunday night and you know tomorrow is coming but right now there is 1000 options that you could feast on… what do we do, binge. 
These people are there to get help not because they are already being helped. My heart really went out to them. At one point I was playing "who wants to be a millionaire" game on my cell phone and asked april if she knew the answer to the question, the next time I asked 3 people offered their wisdom. So for a while this strange assortment of people waiting all played trivia together, laughing, talking about old movies, sports. I really had wished that there had been a board game there for us to play together. At times I felt like I was in a movie. so strange to be connected to total strangers who any other time or place I would probably be in judgement or fear of. 

April kept showing EVERYONE the photos I gave her of the baby and her. She kept drawing and sketching his name and hearts around it. She cried a lot when we talked about him. She wants her baby. 
She said never before has she had someone in her life want or need her…. until now. She knows that baby wants his mother and will want his mother in years to come. 

So, after a long day I was able to come home and be with my daughter, friends, family and chinese food. And I laid my head down, not wondering where april was or if she would have her baby that night or if he was alive in her womb or in danger outside of it. But complete peace and confidence that God's hand had been at work that day and he was protecting this little one and sustaining his mother in rehab. I fell right to sleep and it felt wonderful. 

Thanks for praying and being a HUGE part of God's work yesterday. 
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