don’t blink

My daughter slept 8 hours last night!! I feel like a new woman. I'm learning that sleep is really the main thing that you need for those first two months. Even when you get enough sleep if it's broken up it still throws your system for a little loop. But it's been my joy to grow closer to Zoe through these days and nights. 

She's starting to "talk" to us more and even letting a few smiles slip out at us. I love watching each new day bring the possibility of new development for her. But I am totally content with her just the way she is now, I know she is growing so fast and I don't want it to pass me by. I got a card from someone the other day and at the bottom they wrote and underlined  Don't Blink!!   I love that reminder. 

Just to update you on April, She is doing well in Rehab. I went to visit her yesterday and had to take a class before seeing her on what is addiction and the family roles people play in recovery. Without going into too much of my opinion on addiction counseling I will say that I think that the state is having to do this without a right understanding of God's power in these situations because the church isn't. What I saw up there isn't rocket science and it isn't something that takes a lot of money or space. It's a place where help is offered and simple principles are burned into their heads all day in hopes that those mantras will keep them from taking a drink or popping a pill once they leave. I don't doubt that what they do has helped many people and they really do reach out and help families learn how to deal with their loved one. I just can't help but to think about how much more it would help and truly offer change and power to not go back to their old lives if Jesus was presented as their Truest source of Hope and Help! Families could really have the Prince of Peace and the Great Healer as their help in time of trouble. And I believe we would see God's grace fall on so many people that we would have deemed hopeless and watch as God's effective saving work change their hearts and lives. 
I know some churches are doing this and I really admire them for being a part of such a ministry that isn't glamorous and often heart breaking. May we strive to be a part of more churches that push their people to reach out and love taking risks and making sacrifices. May we give of our comfortable and wealthy lives in our warm homes and get creative and intentional about loving these people who are in bondage to these chemical substances and lifestyles.  
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