just do it…come what may.

I'm learning that with a baby or kids in general that there rarely is a good time to get together with friends or a good time to get together with someone who wants to learn something or you want to learn from. But I am learning that you just have to do it come what may. You may have to cancel and reschedule 6 times but at least you're always putting it back on the calendar, one day it's bound to happen. And sometimes you may block out 3 hours and only get to spend 1 together. Though you may be tempted to look at those times as failures and still be wanting more time together, that's normal. But let me suggest that no matter the outcome the intentions are there and really each time that it doesn't work out is a time where God is refining you to be sensitive to His plans and not the ones you laid out. Friends in this stage are so treasured and anytime you can spend time with them is such a blessing. We need to strive to make those "dates" happen but also know that when they don't roll with it and put it back on the calendar for the next time.  

Katie Williams came over yesterday and she is amazing to me. She has three full energy boys and has also spent the past two years learning and teaching herself photography and the business of it. She's had to have so much patience with things I know because when you're a mom, your babies come first. Photography I've found is something that can be consuming in time and desire and money! But she has very patiently and methodically step by step become an amazing photographer and also continues to pour out gracefully into her boys! (they are great kids) She left me wanting a little boy whose hair I could tossle, and I think she got her baby fix in with little zo-zo!  We could have spent all day together if given the opportunity. But because we both have babies to tend to we only grabbed an hour. But I loved it!  We talked "shop"
 and church and kids and just didn't stop talking until she had to go.  It was only an hour out of a busy day for both of us. But it was an hour. It was refreshing and encouraging and great to spend time with a friend. 

Here are some pictures she grabbed of Zoe. 



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