Happy New Years 2009!

Happy New Years! 

Here is to 2009. I really wanted to have a great year end post for you but I didn't have time to sit and write today. My head and heart have been full of memories and thoughts and thankfulness and ideas and tons of things that I can't wait to sit and share with you. And I will. Dan has been off this week and I love having him home and try to not spend too much time on the computer when he is. So we've been spending time as a family, and my 17 yr old sister Jessica has been here this week as well, and I'm throughly enjoying every minute of it. 
But, there is lots more to come in 2009. Here are some posts that are soon to come. 

* Update on Christmas with the street girls
* New Years
* Heavy hearted memories
* Adoption 
* Trans-racial adoption and families
* New Life Christian Adoption Agency 
* Goals and Plans for 2009
* "make new blogs… but keep the old. one is silver the other is gold."
* Resources for helping others grieve 

And lots more….. 
Happy New Years!!! I love you all. 

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