conversations with april

I"m trying to share with April more and more about Christ and how He desires that she gets saved and how different her life purpose would be if she was His. Our conversations lately have been like this…. 

Casey: What would you have named Altashkith if he had been a girl? 

April: Aquilla. 

Casey: Seriously? 

April: Yeah, it's in the Bible. Acts I think. 

Casey: yes, it's in Acts. 

April: I was reading in a bible… did you know that they have a bible here and Psalms isn't in it? Weird. 

Casey: That's probably because it's a New Testament. Psalms is in the Old Testament.

April: No it's not, Psalms is in the New Testament. I've seen it there. 

Casey: ahhhh… that's probably because some N.T's have the Psalms and Proverbs in the back.

April: oh. 

Casey: So, you've been reading the bible lately? 

April: a little

Casey: do you understand what the big picture is? …. what the bible is mainly about? 

April: oh sure. (she leans in and lowers her voice) The Rapture. 
(Gena, maybe she would like the left behind series :o) 

Casey: welllll…(laughing) that's part of the ending. But the overall story is about God and His Son and How He sent Him to live here and die for you. He loves you and wants you to be His child. 

April: Yeah, I want to keep reading it.

Casey: The bible? 

April: no. Acts. 

Casey: April, I don't think you're listening to me? are you? 

April: Casey, I'm baptist.

Casey: so. That's not what I'm talking about. 

April: What church do you go to? I forgot.  

Casey: Treasuring Christ Church

April: Yeah, that's right. That's one of those new religions right? 

Casey: sigh. no…. back to what I was saying about God……. 

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