christmas with april

I've been wanting to write about how our Christmas day went. I mentioned before that we had invited the street ladies over for lunch that day. Some of you sent small gifts for them and that was so appreciated. We really didn't know what to expect so we just had plenty of soup and goodies and I made up 5 gift bags for the girls. 

April came. She ate and then said she was going out to see if she could talk any of the others into coming over. She came back but with a guy, a neighbor from a few doors down. I think he was a little in shock and confusion when it came time for gifts and April opened her gifts of a sweater, hairbrush, lotion and a goodie bag. We even had a bag of candy and stuff for him. He held zoe even though he's never held a baby before. He was so scared he'd drop her. we had fun teasing him over that. Then they left, and April came back with a guy from our street. he's a much older guy who I think is involved in the drug activity down here. But he came and ate with us and got some candy and a plate to go. He seemed like he enjoyed the food. 
At the end of the day I was bummed that the other girls didn't come but we opened up our home and that's all we could do. 
The next day Larissa came over and opened her gifts, crying the whole time. She was pretty high. She kept saying I was an angel. I kept saying that I'm just a child of God and that He loves her and wants to change her life. She asked me to pray with her and so I did, it's moments like those that I'm glad this isn't a reality tv show because I would be considered pretty freaky to the rest of the world as I prayed over her for God to awaken her dead heart and to have mercy on her as one of His enemies. She left pretty quickly after that. Prayers like that are good but don't leave a warm fuzzy feeling in anyone. 
Then Janelle came and opened her gift. She was in rehab over christmas, word on the street is that she is on the bad side of a drug dealer so that's why she went to rehab. She didn't last long there and now is back on the street, watching her back I'm sure. She is a tough one to reach out to. She is the only one to seek rehab but she is so far gone and wasting away that she just gets deeper and deeper closer to her death I"m afraid. 
I can still hope that God could change her life. 
So, that's my christmas with the girls. They were all thankful. I hope they see Christ's love through us. 

April has been over pretty regularly since. Some days she comes for breakfast and dinner. I try to feed her with protein and vitamin rich foods for her baby. (I've been calling him "Tash" and she seems to like that)
She says her due date is around Jan 23rd. I never thought she'd go this long in her pregnancy, so it looks like she'll go full term with him. 

I don't know what will happen with Tash or April once he's born. I know there are endless endings to this story, and a lot of them aren't good. She knows that we are here for her whatever happens. She has also said that she wants us to have the baby if she can't take care of him. I've spoken with our Social Worker and that is actually a possibility. Dan and I want our home to be open to this little guy if needed. We also have been praying that April will turn and want to mother this child by giving him a stable home and a clean sober mother.   I also know that Tash may not live and join Asher in Heaven. If that's the case then I want to be there for April because I feel that I can relate to her and what a great opportunity to show the hope found in Christ…. ONLY found in Christ. (now, depending on what happens that showing may come through a visit to her in prison, I don't know. But I am willing.) 
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