mommy and me session

Many of you know I'm a Photographer. And many of you have said that zoe will be the most photographed little girl ever. And she probably will be. But I'm coming to see that I tend to love other's photographs of my child more than my own. It's like even if you're a good cook, food most often just tastes better when someone else made it…especially if they are a good cook. Well my friend Drea is a great photographer and she totally blessed me by coming over the other day and taking some photos of zoe. I took the opportunity to even get in a few. (I'm like most women and tend to hate the photos I'm in but I know I want to remember this time with her while she's so little. And I have to keep in mind that even though I'm not phsycially where I want to be right now… I'm zoe's mom right now and that is an important time to remember and capture.

I told Drea not to touch the photos till after christmas since I know how crammed with editing photographers get this time of year. But she had to spoil me and show me some. I LOVE them. 









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