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So many of you have sweetly asked how you might be able to help us. Thank you! It's so great to be so loved by you all. Adoption is an expensive process, at least for us and for it happening so quickly. So when asked we really just say to pray for the funds to pay for her placement fee and other fees that just naturally come in every adoption process.

 Many of you, I know,  don't have much to give and this time of year is a hard time to give as well because of having to buy gifts and still stay on a budget. So, My sweet father-in- law had a great idea and I think it's wonderful. He works for a company that sells the Enjoy the City Coupon Books and he can set it up to where $7.50 of the $25.00 goes to a cause of his choice. He chose Zoe's adoption cost. :o) 



These books are amazing and I've really enjoyed having them in years past. I wouldn't ever post about anything that I didn't feel was worth it to you. They have so many great coupons in them. This year is a really great one. Lots of big name restaurants with $2,000 great savings good through all of 2009! (Subway, Mcdonalds, McAlisters, Brueggers bagels, Sweet tomatoes, even my most favorite guilty pleasure Cinnabon! and lots more.)  The big things are $10 off oil changes and dicks sporting goods, discounts and upgrades for rental cars, and 2 free safety kids ID.  

If you need one or would like to give these as gifts this year know that you will also be giving towards our adoption costs! Which is a HUGE need and blessing! 
Not in Raleigh? No problem. These books are Nation-wide and you can look and see if your city is available on the site and they will be sent right to you. I have the Triangle Area one and it's awesome! 

To Order just go to This Site 
* http://www.helpfundourcause.org/?page=cause_search *
Click on Search Causes on the right hand side.  Choose Dan and Casey Chappell Adoption and then choose your Enjoy the City Coupon Book, Enter in referring agent ID 159 then have it sent directly to you or a friend! 
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