christmas has never been for the deserving

That has really been on my mind this week. I'm inviting some of the prostitutes on my street over for Christmas Dinner. I don't even know if they will come since most of them hate each other. But maybe they will be hungry enough to lay that aside and come. hungry enough for food, for family, for love, for warmth. 

God make them hungry!!  We are going to give them some gifts that day. At first I asked myself if that would be enabling them at all or affirming what they do. And I don't think it will. It's a gift. Not one that has to be earned or deserved. That's what Gifts are, right? I know there are probably readers who are struggling with giving to some people this year because you feel like they don't deserve a gift from you after how they treated you or ignored you or… fill in the blank. 
I hope you will take joy in knowing that when you give you are just putting a picture into action of what happened that first christmas when God gave undeserving, hateful, ignorant, pride filled, uncaring people His only Son knowing full well that some may not ever accept His gift. It didn't matter He knew that Christ had to come for the undeserving because they could NEVER be good enough to deserve it. Jesus could. 

So, this week as your keeping busy with all the last minute plans. Keep in mind April, Larissa, Karen, Boston, and Janelle. Pray for them. Pray God will draw them in to our living room and that Advent would mean something to them this year. Pray that they do not have any business on Christmas Eve or Day that would leave them totally empty to hear the gospel message. Pray that they don't make other plans.  

If you want to get something for any of these girls you are welcome to. Please nothing expensive (as they often get robbed from) and nothing too much (as they often have no place to put anything)  We do not ever give these girls money and usually we don't give things. Mostly food that they can eat in our living room. But I would like for them to open some gifts on Christmas day that have their name on it. 

I'm so glad that Christ came even though I was totally undeserving! 
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