April and Altashkith

Yep, I still can't believe that's what she wants to name her baby. She came over yesterday and held Zoe for a while and it really was sweet to see her maternal side show and hopefully this precious little thing touched her heart and made her long to care for this baby inside of her. 

I was talking to the nurses at WakeMed on Wednesday and asking them about situations like April's and they told me that almost at all times they have one or more crack babies in their nursery. They call them border babies and she told me that if they are affected by the crack that they often will stay weeks in the hospital. Oh, my heart is so burdened for her baby. Pray for them! I really want God's power to show forth in this situation. I know that no matter what that God loves her baby and like Asher He has full control over the span of His life. I also pray that He will change April's heart of stone into one that would love Him. 

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