“I baptize you my mother…and now my sister”

What a day last sunday was. I had the joy of going to Rocky Mount and being right there as one of my best friends baptized her mom. There were a lot of laughter, tears, hugs, fears. It was very emotional to stand there and just realize that we were experiencing something that had been prayed for for a long time. Robin is Kristin's mom and recently has seen God working in her heart like never before. She has experienced the joy that Christ can bring to ones life and the clarity of eyes that see the truth of scripture. Kristin and I have been friends for a long time and ever since I've known her she has wanted these things for her mom. We've prayed through the years that her mom would just be overwhelmed by God's love for her and that she would see the fullness of a life that is committed to Him. God has overwhelmed this child of His and she is just beginning to live out this fullness that is hers for the rest of her life and forvermore.  Robin, it was a joy and priveledge to be there along side of you and Kristin as you publicly testified of your Savior and Lover of your soul. I love you and I know that you have walked with us as we love and miss our Asher. 










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