Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. My heart has been very full this week and my body is having some much needed rest. I've been loving on my brothers who probably feel like they are too old to be kissed by their sister…. may it never be. :o) enjoying sitting at a dinner table the past few nights with 11+ people and it feeling so normal.  (you see growing up EVERY night felt like thanksgiving dinner!)  and really digging this texas fall weather. 

I've really been reminded this week and especially today that we don't deserve anything. Everything we are surrounded by and everything we enjoy, everything that we need to survive and take for granted…We don't deserve any of it. All of them are gracious gifts of grace from a good God. (okay that was a lot of g's)  We are given so much and abundantly showered by things from a loving Father's hand. Yet I take it for granted so often. I want to live today… tomorrow the rest of this year with the profound reality blazing in the forefront of my mind that I don't deserve ANYTHING and yet I am a chosen child of the King and He loves me and has given me more than I could ever imagine or hope for.  

When the little things grate on your nerves, or your tempted to complain about the traffic or the relatives… think, I'm undeserving yet HE gave. When your stressed about the cooking or the children's behavior… think, I'm undeserving yet HE gave. When your feeling like your holiday time is being used up by needy people or your clean home is getting made a mess of….think, I"m undeserving yet HE gave. When you do anything today stop and think… I'm undeserving yet HE gave! Be grateful,  Be joyful and Be humble as you partake of  His love and blessings in your life this Thanksgiving. 

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