“do you have any children?”

I was photographing a wedding this past weekend, and I'm amazed at how many times I was put in the position to tell what I've been through. I realized that before, the question "do you have any kids?" was easy to answer, but now, I strangely dread them asking for their sake but secretly hope and get excited when they do ask because I get to talk about my son. I love talking about him. I love telling other about how beautiful he was and how proud I was to be his mom. I always tell them that I love motherhood and can't wait for God to bless us with more children to love. At first the one asking is sad for me, but I think by the end of the conversation we who were strangers before share a small bond and they are able to rejoice in the grace God has provided and will provide in our lives. I love how easy it is to talk about my King of Glory and Prince of Peace through telling Asher's story. I love explaining how Asher is complete and whole but God is still working and breathing new life into us who are here suffering and living out life here where sin seems to reign. The gospel has never applied more to everyday life for me. I need it to get through today. I need it to look back when Asher was born. I need it to hope for tomorrow and what is to come. I love that old story that brings new life to us, freely and abundantly! Do you need the gospel to get through your day, to look back on your trials, and to hope in your future? I hope so. 

How sweet to hold a newborn baby,
And feel the pride and joy he gives.
But greater still the calm assurance,
This child (me) can face uncertain days because He lives.

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