Because He lives I can face tomorrow

I've wondered how to introduce possibly the newest member of our family to you. It's all happening so fast but in a way God's given me a slow-mo perspective that is allowing me to soak up everything that is happening and also giving me opportunities to share about Asher and miss him during all this. 
I've always said that Asher made me a mother; I loved that time with him. Motherhood has forever changed me and there is no going back to the way things were before him. 
My heart has been open to the idea that God may have for us a child who is in need of a mother and father. My body and womb still need time to heal before carrying a child for 9 months if the Lord so blesses in time. But our hearts and home are ready and willing to fully embrace a child whenever God sees fit.

We thought that it might be in the form of a foster child, one that we could care for but prepare him or her for a life back with their parents. We were given that opportunity a few weeks ago, but God showed us through very clear signs and obstacles that right now our hearts are ready to full care and love a child as our own… and after our loss this summer we feel like the risk of losing another loved little one should be as minimal as possible. 
We had really asked the Lord this last week to show us wisdom and guidance in what to do. Should we stay in the foster system? Should we go through a program like Lutheran Family Services which deals with foster children who are in need of a permanent home? Should we wait? We decided to go ahead and send off for the LFS packet of info and then just go through the holidays and enjoy family and see where God may lead in the next two months or so. But one thing was clear, our hearts wanted to adopt. The packet came in on Wednesday…… and so did the call.  
"There is a woman who wants to put her baby up for adoption and hasn't found a family for her yet. She is due December 6th. She wants a two parent home and a Christian family for the baby within her. Would you be interested in adopting her? Can you put a profile album together and write a letter to this birth-mother?"  We were hearing the words but were we really understanding it? Were they really asking us to consider becoming the forever parents of this little girl who hadn't even been born yet? Was God moving this fast and all of the sudden? Were we ready?
We had been walking in great faith in the days before that call. Why doubt Him now that the possibility was present. It just seemed too good to be true. a newborn. in two weeks. for us. for keeps. We started to get excited. 

…… to be continued first thing on Monday!!  I know I'm terrible for making you wait. I just want to tell the whole story and it's just too long for one post.  I promise when you come on Monday the story will continue….  

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