A season well played… a coach well loved

Dan normally coaches Varsity Football at NRCA but this year he had decided to help coach the. Jr.Varsity Team. Because of expecting a baby and the time commitment that would required he gave up Friday night games and being with the team that he's been with the past 2 years. He jumped on board with Coach Winstead and the other guys who coached JV this year. They had a Great year and went on to be conference champs! Way to Go guys!! 

These coaches and young men who make up the team have really played well but they have loved well. They came to Asher's memorial service and all brought yellow ribbons with notes of encouragement and scripture written on them. Dan read each one and we really were encouraged that such young men were already learning how to encourage and point towards hope by using the truth of God's word. 
They also dedicated this season to the memory of our son! They put AC stickers on their helmets and played their best! Thank you guys! Thank you for loving us and loving your coach and respecting the memory of his son. Great Season! You and your parents have a lot to be proud of! 
* and I had to include a photo of Dan (coach chappell) when he played high school football! So handsome even in Highschool! 

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