setting my heart on things above

Yesterday at church I was missing my son so much. We had the Lord's supper and I had to keep confessing to the Lord how much I battle with thinking my son would have been better than His plan for my life. I struggle and think Asher could have made me happier then God Himself could.  

But then as we remembered the blood Christ, I thought to myself as the juice was being passed that Asher already knows all what the death of Jesus availed for him. That the blood that we were remembering not only blotted out my sins but is the same blood that covered my child's sinful state that he was born into and that It is Christ's death that makes it possible for me to grieve with confidence that I will one day be reunited with Asher and forever worship our Savior alongside each other in Heaven. I long for Heaven but also battle with loving this life here and now. I think that to some extent we can't know how great heaven is because it's too much for our imperfect minds to comprehend and our bodies have yet to experience anything like it. I mean, how can you explain to someone who has never had or seen icecream how good rich chocolate icecream is, you have to experience it to fully know. I think Heaven is somewhat like that for us. But we can think on it and learn more about it and imagine (what a great gift of God is imagination) and the great thing is that we can imagine and that it will go far beyond our greatest imaginations of what we might think Heaven is like.  

I listened to this message by Sam Storms on Heaven and it's personally one of my most favorite sermons of all. I was actually in the audience when he preached this back in 2003 at the Desiring God conference and little did I know then how it would bring comfort and knowledge to me in the years to come. We are to fix our minds on things above and I hope that these notes I took will enlighten your minds and kindle your hearts to long for our home where our true citizenship belongs. 

The strength to endure present sufferings is the fruit of meditation on future satisfaction!
"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Rom 8:18

Jonathan Edwards said "only when juxtaposed with the endless ages of eternal bliss does the suffering of this life become tolerable."
Family, Friends, Earthly pleasures, Comforts, all these are shadows of God who is the Substance, scattered beams whereas God is the sun, just streams flowing from the Ocean of God.
Heaven is not just about the reality of joy but about the increase of joy! It is not like the placid tranquility of a mountain lake but like the surging swelling waves of the mississippi at flood stage. As the rains of revelation and insight and discovery continues to fall throughout the endless ages of eternity so the water level of love and joy and happiness rises higher and higher never to abate or diminish
Heaven is not a one time momentary flash of God's goodness followed by an eternity of boredom. It's not watching an endless series of earthly re-runs but there will be a new episode of divine grace every day. 

God is infinite, so are His attributes, so why would we think that there would come an end to the revelation of who He is. Heaven will be endless discovery for us.
Which means we will become more amazed and in love and relish in our relationship with Him evermore.
Our love will deepen, develop, intensify, amplify, unfold, increase, broaden and balloon. Our relishing and rejoicing will sharpen and spread, extend, progress and mature, it will flower and blossom, widen and stretch, swell and snowball, inflate and lengthen, augment and advance, prolificate, accumulate and excellerate FOREVER!! 
Glorification will Never end!! We will forever be in the process of being changed from one glory to another.
There will be No…. 
tears of pain, death or grief, no liars, murderers, unbelievers, idolaters, nothing unclean, nothing that will offend the most delicate eye. Nothing abrasive, irritating, agitating, or hurtful, harmful, hateful, upsetting or unkind, sad, bad. or mad, harsh, impatient, ungrateful, or unworthy, weak, sick, broken, foolish, deformed, degenerate, depraved or disgusting. Nothing polluted, pathetic, poor, or putrid, dark, dismal, dismaying, degrading, blameworthy, blemish, blasphemy or blighted. Nothing faulty, faithless, frail or fading. Nothing grotesque, or greedy, hideous or insidious, or illicit or illegal. lascivious or lustful, marred or mutilated, misaligned or misinformed, nasty or naughty, offensive or odious, rancid or rude, soiled or spoiled, tainted, tasteless or tempting, vile or vicious, wasteful or wanted.
What will be there….
glory and grandeur, beauty and brightness, purity and perfection, splendor and satisfaction, sweetness and salvation, all things adorable and affectionate, brilliant and bountiful, delightful and delicious, delectable and dazzling, elegant and exciting, fascinating and fruitful, gracious and good, happy , holy and healthy. joyful and jubilant, lovely and luscious, majestic and marvelous, opulent and overwhelming, radiant and resplendence, splendid and sublime, sweet and savory, tender and tasteful euphoric and unified.

Why? Because we will be looking at the face of Jesus the Lamb of God.

So as you think on these words and descriptions may you know that you as a child of God have been given the Immeasurable Riches of His Grace in Kindness!!! Endlessly infinite, complex, deep, new, fresh and profound is His love and grace and kindness towards us!

   4 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us,even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved— and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.  Ephesisans 2:4-7 
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