I love fridays! I know my husband loves them even more. So all in all fridays are good days. It's amazing to me that no matter how tired we are that day at night we have energy to stay up late and hang with friends, watch movies or previously recorded shows. I guess knowing that we can sleep in gives us the energy to stay up. 

I went to CPR/First Aid training last night. So we're all set. "well on our way to placement" as our foster training lady said to me last night. If any of you want to get into fostering in the Wake County system Terry and Alice are amazing and really are great at preparing and training you for what's to come. I kept forgetting Alice's name so finally I just have to call her "alice in fosterland" in order to remember. Now, I'll never forget it and will probably have to remember not to call her that in person! though, she wouldn't mind. :o) 

So, we shall keep you posted on all that. I haven't seen April all week, I know it's been cold but I'm trying not to worry about her and just pray. Her life is never hidden from God and He ordains each of her steps and I know that when she does stop at my door that it's a ordained interaction.  
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