tagged at last

Normally about once a year a stream of "tagging" goes around and I for some reason NEVER get tagged. And finally I got tagged. Yeah!  And of course leave it to me to revamp what I'm tagged to share. So, Zsera thanks for tagging me and for our blog friendship! Here are my answers and what I want others to fill out and post. 

4 random things about me:
1. I have a degree in History of Ideas which is a combo of philosophy and literature 
2. My first kiss was in front of 500 people
3. I love minivans! (much to Dan's chagrin)
 4. I have DPU which means I get hives every day from pressure and muscle use.  

4 occupations I would love to do if talent/money were no option:
1. talk show host (like Oprah) 

2. book author 
3. college professor of western culture, fine arts and photography
4. editor or/and designer of a magazine like Real Simple

4 of my guilty pleasures:
1. Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls
2. Coffee Cargo (in wake forest) Chillers
3. Buying Makeup
4. Getting my Hair Cut 

4 things that I am drawn to buy even when I don't need them:
1. makeup
2. stationery
3. office supplies
4. magazines

4 challenges I face on a daily/weekly basis
1. reading God's word
2. being satisfied where God has me right now
3. staying organized
4. getting things done on time

4 books that have helped me this year
1. Isaiah
2. The hidden face of God
3. Stepping Heavenward
4. This blog, not a book but should be.

4 People who I'm tagging 
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