our meeting

Our meeting with our licensing foster agent went great! She was so great and so easy to talk to. We sat over rice krispie treats and pumpkin spice coffee (millstone has an amazing pumpkin spice blend out now! so great!) 

and talked in length about our lives and our past and our heart for children. She was very sympathetic over losing Asher but didn't think we were crazy for pursuing more children. (that was one of my worries, that they wouldn't think we were ready to have more children in our home because of losing Asher) We gave her the grand tour of our 750 sq. ft. home, yes, it's very small, but hopefully by staying organized we can make the best use of the space.  And she was happy to tell us that once I get my CPR/First Aid certification we will be a plant family for Wake County.  (so I will hopefully get that training done this next week) 
What is a plant family? well, it is still a fostering family so the child(ren) we would have come into our home would still be a foster child, but he or she or they would be ones that have been flagged as more likely to go through TPR (termination of parental rights) and need a home that they can begin the bonding process with the knowledge that if TPR does occur that this foster home is already on board for keeping them and going through the adoption process. Wake County has a "one year to permanency" policy, and even so I would think that all cases don't look alike and have different timelines, but it does help to know that one year is what they are aiming for in order to provide the most normal and stable life for the child involved. 
It's hard knowing that the outcome may not involve adoption and it's a risk we are having to take. Dan and I really feel strongly about going through the Wake County system and have invested a lot of time and effort in them the past 2 years getting to this point. So, I'm praying that God is leading us right now and He knows what the future holds for our family. I am also praying and thinking on our future children lately that may already be in this world but not wanted or being neglected and uncared for. Or mothers who are having right now to choose life over abortion knowing that they will have to give up their babies, Or even April who is carrying a moving baby within her and struggling with wanting to keep and raise her baby but loving the street life with all the sex and drugs and probably even being addicted to that life. Oh Lord help these women and children. They are yours! I keep singing this song and it so rings true on the streets of Raleigh. 

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