lunch with april

April came over yesterday and was starving. So I asked if I could make her lunch and she said yes, so I told her what we had and she wanted mac-n-cheese and salad. So I made her salad and asked her if she wanted french or blue cheese dressing and she said both and that that was her favorite….hmmm so I put both on there and she all but licked the bowl clean… she ate the entire box of mac-n-cheese and I sent her "home" which she says is a one room apartment with 2 guys, she said one had gone to prison that morning, I sent her with some frozen meals and some soap. (she asked for some) so over lunch we talked about the baby and she said she had decided on a name… but she couldn't say it she had to spell it, this is the name she has picked out: Altaschich Doraine. I asked her if she wanted the kid to have a harder life then it already was going to have. She said she wanted something no one else had, I think she's got it! She said she found it in the psalms. riiiiiight. She said she wanted to find the meaning of it and I told her I could look it up, so we googled it to no avail. I told her that it's not really a name that you could find the meaning of, I wondered out loud if it might be german derived and she quickly assured me it was in english. :o) I explained how we get the meaning of names and how asher's meaning "happy and blessed" was hebrew.  

Then I asked her if she wanted to see what her baby looked like and how big it was. So I went to and a few others and asked her what her due date was and she started wigging out and saying "you're freaking me out" I'm getting nervous"  "I don't know about you"  and quickly left. 
She came back over later to pick up the meals and soap and I told her that I didn't mean to freak her out that those were the sites that I loved going to every week when I was pregnant and I thought she would like them too. She then tried to explain how big her baby was by her arm…… I think honestly looking back she was stoned all day. I wish it wasn't the case but I think she might be using drugs. She has two distinct moods, she's uber friendly one day and blows  me off the next, and I'm wondering if that's the drugs. 
Anyway, but I figure if I can do something as simple as make a box of mac-n-cheese and get her to sit and talk for an hour then that's an hour I can ask about her life and her past and her future. She shares more and more each time we talk. It's amazing the life she left in order to live like a homeless starving prostitute. 
I'm hoping to use Christmas time as a time to use the story of baby Jesus as we talk about her baby as a way to share the gospel with her and share that their is hope for her and her child. He came that she might have life and have it more abundantly. 
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