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interesting tag concept: 6th photo in my 6th folder…
 well this was the photo that was there in place of the folder so I'm using it… I normally don't post pic's of myself but it works for this post.  

I got bangs today. Bangs are in this fall for all you tend followers. Thick chunky heavy bangs…they are so hot right now. :o)  
Photo 5

I went and had my hair done today. A sweet friend gave me a gift certificate to Mitchell's Spa and since I have the whole hives when pressure is applied to my skin…massage is one pleasure that gives me pain later ….. but honestly, one of my most favorite things in the world is getting my hair done or played with or shampooed or anything! And I don't ever get it done, I guess I'm just too busy doing everyone else's hair…or so it was in the past.  So I just thought I will go and use the certificate to get my hair done and be around someone who doesn't even know me at all. (I used to work at a salon/spa and they called it a spalon! cool concept!)  She was great and I told her in hairstylist lingo what I wanted done… even told her the color to use…. then I zoned out and just let her "play" with my hair. Then it happened, She led me to their fancy spa shampoo bowls (Kathleen…we so need these!! Scott get on it! ;o)  that elevated me and my feet to where I"m laying flat like on a bed with my hair being shampooed and the chair ever so slightly massaged me (just light enough for me!) I laid there and just started crying….seriously. I don't know why but I guess I was so relaxed that tears just felt free to flow. Poor lady, then I had to explain that I wasn't a nut-case but just needed this…both hair and heart.  So, I"m sure I'll be a story she tells her husband about tonight over dinner. But I don't care, it was what I needed and bizarrely enough it felt freeing to just cry around people who don't know me or my story. 

I've always loved going to a salon incognito and in the past have considered it part of business training. I love being in the client's shoes and that nervous trust and excitement that you have towards your hairdresser. I don't recommend you going to random hairdressers…..(it helps knowing the skill)
 I am however, so glad that so many put their trust in me for so long and became friends of mine who have loved me long past getting their hair done. I've had people love on me that I did their hair over 10 years ago. I do love being just photographer now… and hope to become better at all the aspects of that job as I settle into the life of having just one career to focus on.  I do want to brag on Kathleen, if I may, she was the only one I could place my clients trust in and I keep hearing time after time how great someone's hair is and I smile and say proudly Kathleen did that! She really has loved on the ones I have come to love and I'm so glad that God crossed our paths so long ago (I used to BEG her to go to cosmetology school so she could work with me…she was good even before school!) So, if you're in our area and need to be treated and pampered… she's amazing and has lots of love for you and your hair!  Get some bangs….go for it! 
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