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………these are a few of my favorite blogs!

I try to keep well rounded in my blog reading. I used to read mostly photographers blogs until this year and I realized that keeping in touch and informed about my friends lives was more important so now I keep up with friends and family first. But there are a few other blogs that I have thrown in because they have been great inspirations for me in my blogging. I wanted to share a few of my favorites. I will warn you they are random in interest, but I find that they keep me inspired. 

Blue Yonder: this mom does such an amazing job in documenting her families day to day life

Snippet and Ink: Wedding Inspiration at it’s best! 

Typography: This one is great for all you who love letters and the placement of them! 

Light Your World: I’m so grateful for this dad and his ability to journal their experience of losing luke

Between Two Worlds: A Mix of Theology, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture

Cake Wrecks: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.

Design Crush: Just random bits of inspiration throughout the week

:: e :: This is probably one of my favorite photographer blogs

Bobbi and Mike: Okay this couple IS my favorite photographer blog!

Anna Maria: If you love fabric and sewing this one is fun! 

Pink Chalk Studio: … and this one!

Sheye Rosemeyer: this woman is dear to my heart, I’ve read and cried over her loss of ava and how she continues to show us her life via her camera. in many ways she showed me how painful grief is way before I even knew I would have to walk that road. 
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