breakfast at casey’s

April stopped by for breakfast sunday morning. We invited her to church but she said no and that she doesn't "do" church. We continued to talk about God and what involvement He has in her life. She thinks he's looking out for her. I asked her if how she was living would please God and she said no. I told her that the reason I'm kind to her and desire to serve her is because God loved me first and that He wants to love her. 

She admitted to being on crack to me today. I begged her not to keep hurting her baby by doing so. She said she just can't get away from it. She's coming over often now for Rice Krispie treats or a meal here and there. 
I don't want to enable her in any way but I do want to do as much as I can for that unborn baby growing inside her. I feel like with each meal I"m fighting in a small way for that child's health and life. I'm constantly asking her when her appointments are and she keeps telling me a different date, so when that date comes up I ask her how it went and she tells me it's another date. I don't think she's going at all. Hopefully by asking at least I"m keeping the fact that she needs to be going on her mind. 

I'm not ready to spill all the details yet but I have a project coming up in the next few weeks that I hope will impact some of these girls lives on our street and it will need your prayers and encouragement! I'll keep you posted! 
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