a new look

not only my hair has a new look but I thought this sweet blog needed a little change. So what do you think? I'm learning more and more about customizing these things. 

April's been stopping by almost every day now that the weather is getting colder. She got really upset the other day when I was asking her about her experiences growing up, she started crying and ran out the door. I felt terrible. I mean, who knows what hormones she is experiencing these days, with no sweet husband to hold her when she feels like she's going crazy. My heart really goes out to her. She probably isn't sleeping well at night and then walks constantly during the day and night trying to earn a buck from any man who is willing to pick her up. I'm not sure if there is a difference between feeling sorry for someone and compassion, but my heart just wants to love her and show her that she can be loved for who Christ made her to be not for her body or what she can give someone. 
I asked her forgiveness yesterday for upsetting her and told her that I should have been more sensitive but that I was just treating her as I would a friend. She forgave me and came back today for lunch. She actually had a sweetness about her today that made me hope that she would get her life together enough to keep this child in her and love him and for her to experience what a love that child could have for her. 
She confessed to not going to Dr. Appointments at all throughout this pregnancy. She said she went once but who knows. 

Anyway, Pray dear friends, please PRAY. My fear is that she won't go to the hospital when she goes into labor and that the baby will be abandoned. I want to pray that the maternal love that God puts in us women will come quickly and overwhelm her heart for this child… even if it's just enough to get her to a hospital. 

Thanks for reading and for asking about her when I see each of you!  
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