update on april

For those of you who have prayed or thought about April, the pregnant lady on my street, Thank you. I have seen and talked with her several times since I last posted. She came over and looked through some of my things that I had for Asher (diapers, wipes, formula I had been given, etc…) and looked at me and said I guess I'll need it all since I have nothing. I told her that I would keep it here since she doesn't have a place to put anything and when the baby comes she could come over here as she needed things. She really didn't know what a lot of things were for and seemed very overwhelmed by it all.

 I want her to understand what an undertaking raising a child is and that her life will HAVE to change in order to take care of a baby. I don't think she gets it, but I keep hoping. We are supposed to go get her a nursing bra soon, which hopefully will meet a need of hers since she's normally braless these days. I talked with her the other day about her due date and she keeps changing her information that she gives me and it makes me wonder if she's going or ever been to the Doctor, I mean, basic information about this pregnancy she doesn't seem to know. She says she's going, but I'm going to see if she'll go with me to the Pregnancy Crisis Center here in Raleigh. The last conversation I had with her did lead me to think that she might have been high at the time. Dan and I had been hopeful that she isn't doing drugs, she admitted to smoking but denied drug use. 

It's amazing to me the life these women lead. They are out on the street at 6:30 in the morning. Seriously, when I take Dan to work early, they are out there!  April is 34 and has been a prostitute since she was 26. She told me that she used to work in construction before this…. I'm not sure what led her into this life yet. I know that her mom died when she was young and her and her sister were in the foster system. She doesn't have very good memories from that from what I gathered. ** This is a HUGE reason that believers need to be a part of the fostering system… so many kids would have opportunities to know about Christ and His power to change even the most hardened heart. If any of you want to know more about fostering, please email me. Dan and I have been through the training and hope to be foster parents one day, and I grew up in a home that was a foster home to many.

So April hasn't had many people love her unconditionally, much less know what Christ's love is like. I pray that my little conversations and questions with her here and there add up and she's able to see that we truly do care about her and her little one. Keep praying for us and her….and tigger (which is what she's calling her baby right now) 
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