some of my family…

We are so blessed to have Dan's family so close by and His mom and dad serve us in so many ways and will often sacrifice time and schedules to help us however they are asked. They are a picture of self sacrifice and strive with all their heart to keep their family close and connected. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. We often joke about how Dan's family had already adopted me in and fallen in love with me before Dan did. They have been a joy to watch as God has and is doing a great work in their hearts as they live daily to love and serve those around them. 

My family lives in Ft. Worth Texas, where my Dad works at SWTBS …. which is closer than Alaska (shout out for Sarah P!!! Alaskan women are Awesome!) however, Tx is still a 24 hour drive away so we don't get to see them very often. 

Brittany and Bradley live in Wake Forest so I'm glad to have a sibling still nearby! They were a huge help with Asher's service and burial. In fact, I could probably say that so much wouldn't have happened at all without them doing what all they did. Brittany's heart (like so many) had so come to love her nephew and I know would have spoiled him to no end. Thank you for loving him like you did. I'm so glad he had your beautiful hands… hands that will always remind me to serve sacrificially. 

God had perfect timing for John and Sarah to be able to be here… I knew I wanted them to be here but had no idea how much I needed them here and also how difficult it would have been for them to get here a week prior or after the week of Aug 9th. John also did so much and Sarah was so often there to just cry with me. That meant so much. 

Tony… Tony the Tiger as we like to call him was the only one of my younger siblings who was able to come. He's the youngest actually (12) I wish the others could have come but they really helped fill in responsibilities at home that had to be done because of Asher's unplanned birthdate! We missed you guys! 
Tony was such a lovebug that was always ready to hug and love on me during this week. He walked our dog and did really whatever was asked of him. For being 12 and not having been in a situation such as this he knew often the right words to say and how to act. I'm so proud of him! 

Mom and Dad were Amazing and as much as I know they hated to see one of their children go through this, they really have raised me with the strength and hope in God to go through something like this. 
Dad was often a strong sholder to cry on and he isn't the type to say something just to say it and when he did have words they were ones that pointed me to hold fast to my Savior and to trust Him. 
(He called the other day and we wept on the phone together over losing Asher and He just told me how proud he was of me and Dan. I really cried then, I so needed that at that moment…. Dad, I'm so proud to be Your daughter! ) 
** Parents of adult children who are reading this… NEVER underestimate how much your grown child still needs your affirmation and to be told that you are proud of who they are and that they love you. It means so much more now than even when we were small and looked to you for everything. 

Mom stayed for a week afterwards and served like crazy! She cooked so much and left me with a freezer full for the months to come. She shopped, cleaned and helped me do whatever I needed. She has even been able to thank and show our gratefulness to those who were serving us when I was in the hospital and just getting out and so much was a blur. We had so many great conversations that often time doesn't allow for when there is so much distance between us and our lives get so busy with daily responsibilities. I hope to be the kind of mom that she was in that she really allowed God to direct her family in so many ways and People were ALWAYS welcome in our home, weather it was the kids across the street who lived amongst drugs and who knows what else or a marine who just got back from service and needed a family to eat dinner with every night or a baby(ies) whose parents just couldn't handle being parents and abandoned and/or abused them…. Those were the lives who I grew up around and still love to this day. Thanks mom for loving ALL of us! I love you. 

This was taken at Brittany's Wedding this summer. This is the whole crew and Bradley's parents as well. And the second one… well you can just see how that one happened! :o) 


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