Washington DC

Some of my closest girlfriends took me to washington dc this past weekend. It was a great getaway and I laughed a lot more then I thought I would. It's great to be around girls that I can totally be myself with. Thanks gals for loving on me this week and really taking care of me! 

Here is the slideshow of the trip highlights!   or you can go to www.poiemaphotography.com/washingtondc

I"m so glad it's fall…officially! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. 

And….. I wanted to add this to this post because it really doesn't deserve it's own post but I wanted to write about it. My BFF and I, Angey, went to see Mamma Mia the other day. I had been saying I wanted to go for a while now but that was one movie Dan refused to see, so I knew Ang would be up for a cheesy girly movie anyday so…. we went….to the sing along edition nonetheless! I laughed knowing I was in a movie that had sing along lyrics on the screen…. and we sang, we laughed and we sang some more. It was a great movie. And Ang, you're the best for going to it with me. 



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