Two Inescapable Realities

Someone who was so kind to us sent us Michael Cards book: “The Hidden Face of God”, with the Cd to match it. We have been so thankful for this gift and God is using it to give us grace in this season of our life. We wanted to share one of the readings with you that has been particularly helpful.
Card explains that Suffering exists as one reality in our world that is grossly out of place, to the extent that even an atheist would have to agree that this world is not the way it is supposed to be. The other reality is God himself. He is here and he is not silent (as Francis Schaeffer reminded us). He goes on to explain that instead of running from the suffering that is inescapable in this world we run to the God like David and Job. The place where these realities meet is in Lament. We cry out to God because we cannot escape and He is our only comfort and the only one who can understand.
I do not understand the place we are in right now. I battle with so many emotions that to try and explain would send most people walking away in confusion. People ask me how I am and a robotic, “I am doing well” rolls off my tongue. The truth is sometimes I am fine but it is a fine that could fall apart at any moment when I think about my son. Like many men dealing with grief I flee to distractions to help me bury this pain. I become overwhelmed at times with guilt that I might forget Asher, and with anguish because his mark has left me wanting him home so badly. I do not understand why this had to happen but yet I hope, I cry, I plead with God to grant me the grace of peace with his ways. the following quote from Michael Card has served me with desperately needed grace today.

“What takes place in that meeting (between God and Suffering) is as miraculous as it is unexpected. The two do not simply destroy one another, as matter and antimatter would. Nor does one simply overcome the other and win the battle. No, the one who is the light of life enters into the suffering and confusion of the other, into his or her darkness and death. God defeats suffering by surrendering himself to it. He triumphs through exhausting himself against it, by drinking the cup dry. The miracle that takes place is salvation! The God from whom we cannot escape uses inescapable suffering to save the world that has been in headlong flight from him ever since the fall. The Miracle has taken place , once and for all, on a cosmic level at the cross of Jesus. And yet, the miracle occurs again and again at the level of each individual soul whenever we lament and make a place for our unbearable suffering to come together with the inescapable God.”

God give us grace to believe this and embrace you back today!


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