Quick Update for Today

We went in today for my amnio and were met by the genetic counselor to go over what exactly we could expect and so forth. We found ourselves engrossed in another discussion about hospice care or aggressive treatment and really it felt like we had been there a hundred times before. We believe God has given us a real ability to speak clearly with them and to respect their wisdom but let the ethics we have in Christ shine through as well. The counselor had an intern there with her and even though she sat back and listened, she nodded her head in agreement whenever we talked about cherishing this child’s life and our ethical stances… I really feel like the Lord had her there as a silent encouragement to us as we talked boldly and clearly about our desires. I wonder who she is and if she’ll talk about us to whoever she comes home to at the end of the day? We so desire to not only speak for our child but impact whomever we talk with.
We went in for an ultrasound and that went well (we had an amazingly sweet ultrasound tech). Again, we saw some of the same things but were encouraged by some great pics (our baby has quite a bit of hair). We were thrilled to see and hear the heartbeat (166 bpm) and to see our baby moving all over the place. we are reminded today what a blessing it is to have each day with our baby and to know that God has sustained this little one for 36 weeks now!
The Amnio went well and fast. The whole thing was mildly uncomfortable but I feel great and I am taking it easy today. We saw three tubes of fluid go off to the lab with so many of our hopes and prayers with them. We both feel a little down today. I guess knowing that we are going to know in a few short (but long) days is kind of final. There is hope no matter the outcome but it feels a little odd today. The initial results (fish results) should be to us sometime Wednesday or Thursday. This will tell us about Chromosomes 13, 18, 21, and X/ Y (Boy or Girl-yeah!!!). The full results will be final in about 2 weeks.
Please continue to pray for us to rest in Christ and for the health of our baby. Thank you to all of you who are praying and to those who have joined us in todays fast. We love you all so much.


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