laughing and loving

I wanted to blog about a story that I’ve been meaning to tell you since our trip to the beach! This is such an example of pregnancy hormones kicking in!
I was starving so we stopped by Subway and I went in to get a sandwich, and I walked up and ordered a ” 5$ footBALL” seriously… I got tickled and couldn’t stop laughing to tell him what I really wanted… the guy looked at me like I was on drugs or something. So finally I told him what I wanted and then went out to the car and said “dan, you won’t believe what I said” I told him and we both gut laughed for a few minutes and I said “gosh, I could just cry…” and I did… I sobbed for like 10 minutes. Dan kept asking me if I was embarrassed in there and I said no, I really wasn’t upset or sad I just was crying and couldn’t help it. Such a strange feeling, like you’re not in charge of your body! Earlier in the pregnancy, I ordered a soda at a a restaurant and I guess used my hands A LOT as I talked to the waiter and Dan laughed……and I smiled and then just started bawling. Oh, My. Anyway, so we still have been getting some good chuckles about my veggie football.

Also, Last Friday was my sweet husband’s birthday and I just wanted to publicly say what a source of strength and hope he’s been for me. God is really just giving him such vivid insight into His word and how He is working in our lives presently. I was telling our small group ladies the other night, Dan is so genuine and real and since I really battle being “fake” at times (more so with God ironically… like you can be fake with Him!) and also, with the above mentioned hormones kicking up… it’s so good to really just have someone stable and consistent and Spirit-filled walking besides me each step of the way. I’m so blessed to have him in my life. We’ve pretty much been together 24/7 the past week and a half and I don’t know what I’m going to do when he has to go back to school on Monday. I always miss him so much during the day. He is truly my Best Friend. I’m so glad I am his wife and his ministry partner for the rest of our lives.

thanks for sharing your heart with me on God, Politics, Life, Family, everything!!!! I learn so much from you every day. I love your heart towards God and want to have a better walk with Him because of you!
I hope I am a good mom to your son and long to show him how to be a man of God by respecting you and pointing him to be like you! Thank you for loving children and loving God’s heart of what a family should be like. I can’t wait to see what God will do with this Chappell Family. I’m so glad you are the leader of this home and I love you more than ANYTHING!!! XOXOXO, Your Wife

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