Fasting is Feasting

We have the pleasure weekly to sit under the pastoral ministry at Treasuring Christ in Raleigh, NC. Yesterday, in God’s providence we were in Matthew 6:16-18 talking about fasting. We wanted to bring you a few of the things that were pointed out in this text, in order to aid your joy as you join us today in fasting for our baby’s health.
The title line was aptly Spoken by John Piper in His book; “A Hunger For God.” For, when we fast we are feasting on the presence of God and Asking God to move in our hearts to make us long for him. Fasting is about God! There are times when we fast as individuals and others as a corporate body. We are a fasting people and the text says it: “When you fast.” fasting is expected of the people of God. This is a blessing in the believers life for joy and it breaks in to give us that true joy in feasting on God instead of other things that we tend to love more.We want to make clear as we call for this corporate fast that there is no magic formula in this and God is glorified not in bending to our will but our desire to fast to see His will done and to praise Him for the healer that he is. The mute speak, the crippled are healthy, the lame walk, and the blind see because our God with one touch heals. This is our God! and we praise him for this and if in fasting today we see more of him and treasure him more then the purpose would be fulfilled and he would be glorified in that. Yet we ask, humbly for God to move and heal in our baby today.So here are a few things to pray for as you go through this day:

-Pray that you see god and hunger for him more
-pray asking him to reveal the idols in our hearts today
-Pray that our baby would be free from any trisomy or genetic issues
-pray that the presence of Scoliosis or Spinal Bifida would be gone
-Pray that our baby’s foot would not be clubbed
-pray that the possible heart defect would be gone
-Pray that the Omphalocele would shrink up or be gone all together

We thank you for joining us today in this and we expect to see god move in our hearts and lives through this. God grant you all joy in believing today!

The Chappell’s

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