by tiffany

I was homeschooled.

From 4th grade till I graduated and went to college. 

When I was a teenager I went to several homeschool training conferences all across the USA. One such place was in Indiana. I was only there two weeks, but I met a wonderful girl named Casey. She was from Alaska and I always thought that was SO cool. We were instant friends and kept in touch over many years. We lost touch sometime a few years ago, but last week I was reconnected with her through Facebook. As it turned out, she was pregnant with her first child, a son, named Asher. Asher had been diagnosed with Omphalocele and the family was anxiously awaiting his birthday…August 27th. She was going to have a cesarean to ensure a gentle delivery for Asher.  The amnio had given good news and the doctors seemed very upbeat about his condition and prognosis.

On August 9th Casey's water broke.

You can read the specific events here at Casey's blog, but she went in, had the c-section, and Asher passed away shortly after. This was a shock to all.

He was a beautiful baby boy, weighing 5.5 lbs with a dark head of hair.

Casey and her husband Dan are obviously grieving the loss of their son, but are rejoicing in the fact that he is safe in the arm's of Jesus at this moment!

I am grieving as well. I almost cannot function in my daily tasks. My heart is so heavy for this family! I have cried for days…and yet I am amazed at the peace the Lord has given them through this time…and I am sure that I could not handle something like this with such trust. On the one hand I am jealous at the closeness they have found to Christ, but on the other I do not think I could survive going through it myself.

I spoke with my friend Corey yesterday (her son Larson passed away at 23 hours of age 6 months ago) about the whole thing and she was so encouraging and willing to help this family. She told me about what she has been through and how faithful our God is to see us through! Personally it strengthens my own faith to see His work in the lives of those around me.

My dear Audrey lost her son Jacob at 6 hours of age 5 years ago. I have also seen God's hand in her life so clearly since then. Her trust and her faith is such a blessing to me!

So here I am…numb from the pain. Wanting to run outside screaming MY FRIEND JUST LOST HER SON!!! HOW CAN YOU BE CONCERNED WITH DAILY LIFE?
I feel this way as well. Why am I upset that my floor needs mopping? That my laundry needs folding? Don't they realize that a tragedy has occurred?

And yet I will go on with life…and my tears will go into His hand. And I will still praise His name through this storm…and know that He is seeing me through. And Casey through. And Corey through. And Audrey through. 

I will rejoice when they rejoice and I will weep when they weep.

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