Asher Daniel Chappell!

As you can see from the title our initial results are in and we are having a little baby boy! We are also overjoyed to let everyone know that the initial results show that Chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 are normal and there s no sign of a trisomy at this point! This is great news and our great God deserves all the glory for He has given great grace today! The results mean that the “lethal” issues they were suspecting, are not there. The genetic counselor told us that it is not impossible for there still to be other chromosome issues present in the full and final result. She said that the initial test showed the most common ones and since that is normal it isn’t likely for it to be chromosomal but it isn’t impossible. We are optimistic that Asher is just small and that the Omphalocele is causing much of the “problems” they think they are seeing.
Asher still has a long road ahead but God is still forming him and caring for him in my womb. Please continue to pray and that God would heal any heart issues that are present, heal any scoliosis or Spinal bifida that may be there, and that he would shrink the overall size of the omphalocele.
God alone deserves the glory for this day and we praise him for he is good! thank you to all of you praying with us and to those who joined us in prayer and fasting yesterday. God has heard the cries of His people! Let his glory and renown be made known today through this!

More to come……

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