what tomorrow holds…

Tomorrow we have several appointments at UNC so I wanted to just let you know what we’re doing tomorrow and what to pray towards.

We have an ultrasound at 10:00 * pray that we’d be able to see growth and even better images of what he or she may be dealing with as far as physical defects. Also that we’d be able to enjoy watching our baby move and show us more of who he/she is.

Then we have a heart echo at 11:00 * pray that the baby would be in a position to be able to see the complete heart and be able to further see if there are any heart issues that he/she would need treatment for post birth.

After that we will meet with a Cardiothoracic NeoNatal Surgeon. * pray that we would first and foremost represent Christ in meeting with all these people. Also that we would trust Christ most and not put our hope in these individuals. But pray that Christ would work through these doctors and that they would treat this unborn life with respect and that they will be desiring in using their skills to help this little life.

Then we will meet with the Neonatologist to discuss the treatment of our baby after it’s born. This might be interesting because usually it’s a discussion of option A (with Trisomy) or option B (no Trisomy) and the treatment in their eyes is usually very different as we’ve mentioned before. * Pray that we’d be bold in our stance for life and that we would make it very clear that this baby’s life is more important than our comfort or long term inconvience. That they would hear our heart in that we want to know our baby as long as we could and that we will fight the medical odds that are stacked against this child but that we know we can’t fight against this child’s Creator and that ultimately we know that it is He that will sustain or take this baby’s every breath.

So, lots to cover but I know there are lots of you praying out there.

Thank you and we’ll keep you updated!

Love, Casey

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