Ultrasound Pic’s at last!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post these, they take forever to load at times and I lose patience so easily with computers! These were taken last week and I think they are just precious! The doctors are saying that the baby is measuring about 2 and a half pounds but my hips and back are telling me this child is weighing in at more than that! :o)
I went and had a pedicure today, what a treat and a real need for my feet!, My nail girl was so pregnant and is due next week. We had lots of fun talking about pregnancy and when she asked what hospital I’m going to deliver at I shared what is going on with the baby a little and she really listened and I shared a lot about our hope and our church and about how we feel that God is the one who knits us together in the womb…. I even used her baby as an example, how so much is going on to make that baby’s system and body and how she doesn’t have to do anything to accomplish it but that the Creator designed her baby! There was a little bit of a language barrier…. like when I asked if she was going to nurse, she just went on and on about how expensive it is and I was confused until she said that she’ll just have the nurses help while she’s in the hospital… oh, Nurse… I see, so I reworded is and then she understood! It was fun talking to her, I think she was probably wishing someone was massaging her legs! poor girl!


The first three are from last week and the last three are the ones from a few weeks back!!

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