To My Child

Dear Baby of mine,

I brought you along to a wedding I photographed yesterday. It’s funny how I’m becoming more and more aware of the fact that I’m never alone anymore…and I like that feeling. Your momma is a photographer and I really hope you like having your picture taken because I think it will be a very common thing for you growing up. I find myself talking to you while in a big crowd of people or in a sanctuary waiting for a wedding to start.
I was at the reception yesterday and there were two teenager boys dancing away and playing with the smaller kids… I couldn’t help to hope that if you are my son that you will be like them. Love life. Love children. Love to dance. I laughed when I saw them because I could hear the future conversation between you dad and I if you were out there cutting a rug…(me) “Look at your son” (dad) “you know me and dancing… that’s so your son” (me) “but look at him charming this whole room of people… I”m so glad he’s like you” (dad) “he’s the center of attention and is totally loving it… our boy is acting just like his momma” (me) “he’s so his father…I miss being that age… I’m going out there to dance okay!”
Then I was talking to a young lady who is about to be a senior in high school and she was so easy to talk to, and just had this maturity and kindness about her. She seems very well educated and balanced… Again, my mind raced forward to if you were our first daughter and how I would pray for you to be like her. Between me and your dad I know you will be a driven and purposeful teenager. We both had such high goals in high school and wanted to change the world. I bet if we were in high school at the same time we would have run against each other for class president….. we still try to run against each other for household president nowadays when I’m not loving him well by abiding in the Spirit. I hope I demonstrate to you as you grow up how much I love your dad. And what an amazing man he is.
You have lots of people praying for you little one, and I know there is a world out there that wants to be impacted by you. Your dad and I laugh about what you will be like and how you’ll be such an original creation. I can’t wait to meet you and hopefully if God allows be able to watch you grow up and learn how to talk…be humbled when you say things that are probably truthful and innocent but as adults we just don’t say to people…. and then beam with pride as you talk with maturity with people twice your age. I can’t wait to take you to weddings where you can dance and charm the socks off people. And to be able for your dad and I to constantly debate who you’re more like when you are the center of attention. I can’t wait to listen to your goals and I pray that God will give me the wisdom to let you run towards them and not to be fearful of the challenges you will face reaching them. You have Grandparents on both sides who were excellent examples in pushing and encouraging their children to reach for the stars and change the world… especially the world right around them. So I hope we’re able to do the same for you.
I think you’re a fighter for life. I want you to fight hard… even the first day you are born. I know that so many people are saying that the deck is stacked against you and that you are facing many challenges ahead of you. I say, you just don’t know our child and that whatever the challenge in life that you have, you can face it and will strive to exceed whatever expectations are placed on you. God may want you with Him sooner than we want to let you go, and we trust this God with you fully. But hopefully and we ask Him this every day, He will let you impact and forever change our lives (which you already have done) but also He’ll let us watch you grow and become the amazing person He created you to be. We are so blessed to be your mom and dad, we love you little one and can’t wait to meet you.

lovingly, your momma!

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