Today’s musings….

I’m always thinking to myself…. I should blog about this…this being whatever I”m thinking about or experiencing at the moment. funny things, ironic things, sad things, I want to share it all with you blog readers. What’s sad though is that I have started blogs before and feel behind in them and so every time I would go to write something current I would feel like I had to catch up first and then that funny-ironic-sad moment doesn’t seem as interesting weeks later. So, I’m trying to be better at this blog now.

I had a photo session in Wake Forest tonight of a Senior Class of 2008. (I’m able to shoot a limited number of those this summer but I’m almost done with sessions until post baby! I already feel very funny with a camera bag, camera and my ever growing belly in the heat and humidity.) But I ran across two hair clients that I’ve known for a long time and it was so great to see them. After living and working in WF since ’99 I can’t ever go there without seeing people I know!! But the thing everyone is always so sweet to ask me is “how are you doing? how are you holding up?” and I really just wanted to share on here that I am doing Wonderful!! I really have had the best pregnancy a girl could ask for. I mean, I’ve got the normal aches and stretching pains and such but it’s all because this baby is growing! I’m so thankful that the safest place for this baby to be is within me! What a honor as it’s mom to provide my child that right now. I am realizing that I am really REALLY becoming more and more attached to this baby and overwhelmed by my love for him or her! I really can’t wait to meet my firstborn. I really REALLY hope each one of you have that opportunity as well.

Love you all!! I”m off to the movies on a date with my husband!! I love him!

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