Getting to know us!

Well I’ve been totally blown away by the amount of new and old friends that we’ve come into contact with and met through this blog! THANK YOU each of you for your comments and sweet emails… all of which is going into a scrapbook that I’m calling “my book of evidences of grace” It’s so helpful to flip through the pages of verse after verse and encouraging words and words of truth.

But in these inbetween times of Dr.’s appointments and just waiting for Baby Chappell to grow… (which he/she is…my belly is really starting to feel more like a bowling ball!!) I want you to get to know us more and deeper than just our current struggles. So here is just a few facts that you may not know about us!

I (Casey) am the oldest of nine, yes NINE kids, of which the three oldest of us are happily married to wonderful spouses! I grew up a Preachers Kid in Alaska. I still miss those long summer days up there! And I am forever ordering salmon at resteraunts only to be disappointed because it’s no where near Alaska standards!

I (Casey) have been a Hairdresser for the past 10 years and just recently stopped working in the salon and am now working full time as a photographer! I’ve balanced both jobs for the past 3 years and it’s been tough to do and now with a baby on the way it was time to just work out of my home and on the weekends doing photography! Click Here for My Photography Website and Here for my Photography Blog

Dan is a highschool teacher at North Raleigh Christian Academy. He teaches 11th and 12th grade. He teaches Christian Theology and Worldview, Honors Economics, and Honors Philosophy. (Yeah, he’s pretty smart!) He also coaches High School Football and Middle School Basketball. He stays busy up there but he really loves his job and sees it as so much more than a job but as a ministry to these students. He grows to love them each year and even I benefit from getting to know some of his students!

We have a Weimaraner named Blue that is such a part of our family and I know will be great with our baby! He’s already very protective of me!

Dan and I met in the spring of 2000 at, and graduated in ’03 and ’04 from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We both studied Bible, Philosophy and Biblical Counseling and still love those studies and find that we use them so much in every day life and especially in times like these.

We live in downtown Raleigh and live in an area that although is growing and getting better is still a great area of ministry. We have many women who sell their bodies on the street to support their drug habits. We have gotten to know a few of them and although we don’t give out cash have been able to provide a meal or two when they are in need. Hopefully that will lead to them being open one day to the gospel which is the only thing that will get them off the street for good.

We have been a part of our church since it very first began 3 years ago. Treasuring Christ Church is a downtown Raleigh Church that is committed to Sound Theology, Racial Harmony, and Ministry to the Poor. It’s been such a different church for both of us and we are so grateful to have been a part of this from the ground up. Starting a church is hard work and our pastors have done a great job in persevering with the people and preaching the word.

Dan and I are licensed foster parents for the state of NC. We started that process a while back because both of us have a passion for kids and definitely want to adopt children in the future. Getting pregnant put that on a temporary hold for now but we still plan on bringing children into our home in the future and hopefully even have a multi-racial family someday! For any of you who have considered being foster parents here in NC, Wake County really was a great program to go through and they are super at preparing you for what’s to come as foster parents! Dan and I both learned so much through the process.

We love to Travel. We especially love big cities, we went to NYC for our honeymoon and have been back several times since then. We hope to travel overseas someday and also to possibly live in a city someday such as NYC or L.A. (Dan actually lived there for 2 years a long time ago and I can’t wait to go back with him and see California!!)

Dan and I love the movies! It’s been our favorite dating activity since we got married. I think both of our jobs are so all consuming of our minds and energy that it’s so nice to get away from reality and get lost in a good story line. We also really like shows like Law and Order and our most favorite current series is Smallville. (of course, anything involving super heroes I love, which is great considering all these great Marvel Comic Movies coming out lately)

Well that’s all for right now! I hope you enjoyed a little peak into our lives! We’ll post more later.
Thanks for reading.

~ Casey

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