a few posts to read…

Here are a few posts that I’ve been meaning to write and update you all on.

Dan and I are doing well and we have been striving to live in a spirit of hopefulness and of perseverance. Dan only has two more weeks of summer before 08-09 school year begins and even though he’s really looking forward to spending his days with the students he’s trying to really enjoy these last few days of freedom!
I have two more weddings to photograph, tomorrow I”ll be in Winston Salem shooting and then next week back in Wake Forest! God has been so good to allow me the strength and ability to fulfill my responsibilities to these families this summer. We will have photographed 13 weddings this summer and each one has been wonderful and unique! Though I could not have done it without Kristin and Angey who are amazing photographers and love and serve me so well.

I’m almost to the 35 Week mark! Each week goes by so fast and I’m so thankful that God has given that week to us.
Dan and I are going to the beach this whole next week to get away and relax and spend some much needed time together before the real hectic time is upon us. So pray that we are able to relax and that we both are able to put aside work for a few days and just focus on God and each other. (this is really hard for me because I’m always thinking about what I need or already needed to have accomplished, though I”m blessed to have clients that are very patient and understanding!)

Just to update you on what is to come in the next few weeks;
This Sunday Dan is preaching at Forest Park Baptist Church where he used to be the youth pastor at (it’s also where he was at during our falling in love/time of engagement) The people are so precious and we always enjoy going back to be loved on and hopefully to edify them as well!

Then we’ll leave to go to the beach until Friday August 1st which is Dan’s 34th Birthday!!

August 2nd I’ll photograph my last wedding pre-baby!

August 4th at 10:30 we will go to UNC for an amnioseticess….. now, I know you might be thinking, I thought you weren’t going to do one of those and we didn’t due to the risk of preterm labor, and we weren’t going to do one at all. However, after several OB visits and listening to them inform us that they really won’t do anything to the baby as far as aggressive treatment until the results come back for the Trisomy and then depending on that the treatment will or will not be offered. So, we would rather not be waiting when treatment might be needed and if the baby does has a Trisomy we would rather know that we have found a Dr. who is already willing to use his skills on a baby who might not live as long as most. This might be a difficult task but we are hopeful that there is a Dr. at UNC who would be willing and able if needed.
So, we will have FISH results back in 3-4 days that will tell us the bigger things such as the Trisomy issue and also gender… We’ll have a baby with a name finally!!! I can’t wait to announce that on here!
And then in 10 days we’ll have the full work up which will tell us I think the extent of the Trisomy or Genetic issues and I guess some more information that will hopefully be helpful to the medical staff in treating our child.

They have scheduled my C-section for August 27th at 11:30. I will finally get to meet this little one!! Pray he or she stays in my womb until this day!

So, a lot is going to happen in the coming month and we will definitely keep you up to date as best we can.
There hasn’t been a lot of new info lately thus my lack of posting… I’ll try to get better about that!

Thanks for reading and for being so faithful to comment and encourage in so many ways! We feel very loved and cared for.

Have a great week! ~ Dan and Casey

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