Tomorrow to UNC…

We wanted to have everyone pray as we go to the actual Maternal and Infant Health Clinic at UNC tomorrow. We are going to be meeting with a MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Specialist, as well as tour the NICU and visit with another Pediatric surgeon. We are apprehensive about this because, as Dan mentioned, it is so hard to hear the things that are being said about our baby. We are trusting God to give us a standing before the Doctors to hear us out and listen to our desires to fight for this precious life. We have run into the ethical battle so many times and those who desire to give life value based on its “quality” not creation. This we will fight, as a matter of God’s glory in the creation of all life and the life of our baby! We will post to let everyone know how things went, we appreciate your prayers so much!


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