A Quick Update…

Today we went to UNC and received great care. We met with Dr. Bogess (she was great). We did receive an answer to prayer, being that they were very willing to respect our wishes as far as the vast majority of this goes. We were thankful to hear her recommend a C-Section as the type of delivery in order to protect the Ompohalocele and give the baby a better chance. She still was not very optimistic about the long term prospects but she said it could give us more time. We were also pleased to hear that The decision not to have an amnio for now was fine and that they would proceed fine without it. There would be no need to really have it prior unless we just wanted to know, because the Baby can be stabilized (hopefully) and the doctors could take 48 hours to test for the chromosomal abnormalities that they suspect. The Omphalocele can be medically stabilized without surgery for a time and then we can proceed to the next most life threatening issues which would be lung development and the suspected heart defect. I know a lot of details… We also met with a pediatric surgeon and toured the NICU (all very helpful).
So all that said we are really not all that encouraged by the prognosis and we are tired of the term “lethal anomaly” but we did get many answers today and they did take us seriously. We did hear some really good news-a strong heartbeat!! The Doctors and the center at UNC are just incredible. Our Care coordinator Maya is just fantastic at her job, we are so thankful for this much. We are strong today and I think very hopeful. Hope is scary because it increases the pain if it doesn’t end well, but hope is worth it. We have a more abiding hope that is Christ and that surely helps to put this in perspective at least today. thank you for your prayers… Pray that this would not be a chromosome issue and that these other issues can be dealt with and isolated pray for our witness to the staff, doctors and nurses at UNC and for physical strength..We love you all so much!

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