Then Sings my Soul….

What a grace filled weekend we had. I can’t tell you how good it was for Dan and I to have this week together off work. There were times we just needed to cry, veg, and even just times we needed to drive with no certain destination… just drive and listen to music.

Music has always been important to Dan and I. Even though we consider ourselves very well rounded in our musical tastes, from top 20 to country to broadway to worship, It’s amazing to us how when going through a time as this secular radio seems so empty and doesn’t have anything to offer. I’m not at all saying it’s wrong to listen to, I think it’s a great thing to stay current with what our culture is listening to. There are some amazing musicians out there that are just so gifted. Dan loves John Mayer and his perspective he gives in his music, and I never cease to be amazed how R&B musicians can take the hardness of the streets and drugs and their pasts and put it in a song that bares their heart to the world when they probably can’t even say I love you to their own mother. Yes, Music is a language all it’s own.

If you’ve ever been a student of Dan’s you know how much he loves music, but you also know he’s always examining it’s elements. Most of the time he can find very redeeming qualities about any song. But just to give a personal testimony about what to flood your ears during times like these, Kanye and Maroon 5 and the like just give you empty words set to a fun beat. “Keep Bleeding” and “No Air” may be good at describing what you’re feeling but where is the hope? We don’t want to keep bleeding and we desperately need air! That is where Songs of sound theology come in like a healing balm and fresh oxogen!

A friend of mine wrote in regard to God and suffering: “He’s the tidal wave and he’s the light at the top and he’s the fresh, cold air that their lungs will scream for.” We have been gasping, But indeed how fresh the Air is!

When I say sound theology I just mean to say songs that really make much of God and show His bigness in our lives. As another friend blogged about after his wife miscarried, he wrote that “this present suffering is not our biggest problem, our sin and separation from God was our biggest problem and God has given His own Son to fully take care of that. How much more will He oversee these situations that arise in His children’s lives.” So, I believe and have experienced that when one is reminded of how bleak our sinful state was before Christ and how He came victorious to save, that this present suffering does grow strangely dim and we are given so much hope in a BIG God!

I wanted to give a list of some albums that we have played over and over and have truly been so helpful during this time:

Passion:Hymns Ancient and Modern
Jars of Clay:Redemption Songs
Sovereign Grace Music: Varied Albums
Crystal Lewis:Hymns:My LIfe
Chris Tomlin: See the Morning

We go on Wednesday for a Dr.’s Appointment at Duke. I will keep everyone updated! Thanks again for all your prayers and sweet words of encouragement!

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